Upcoming Games I Want

I’m not really much of a “gamer”. I wouldn’t even call myself a casual gamer, I really only when there is a new game I like that is coming out.

For example, I love the Final Fantasy games, and Metal Gear games, and lucky for me there are a few new games that are coming up which I am extremely excited for.

The first one is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which will be released in February 2014 in Europe and America, and November 2013 in Japan. I’m a little annoyed that the gap between Japan and EU/US release is so big, I don’t think it should be such a big gap these days considering how easy it is for spoilers to spread thanks to the internet! 🙂

I’ve already pre-ordered Lightning Returns from Amazon, and can’t wait to play it. The opening cut scene looks awesome:

Having played through the original Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning is probably my favourite character after Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. A lot of people didn’t really like XIII because the world is restricted, and quite linear, unlike any of the other Final Fantasy games. You pretty much just go forward and the story progresses, there is very little opportunity to explore the world. Although this did bothered me, I found the story to be good enough to continue playing the game, so I didn’t really mind so much.

I haven’t played through Final Fantasy XIII-2 yet, since I got a little side tracked with some other things, but I guess I have more than enough time before February to play it!

The next game I’m looking forward to is another Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XV. This one isn’t sequel or prequel to any existing Final Fantasy game, although it is based on the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, which the Final Fantasy XIII series was also based on, so it will be interesting to see if there is any links back to FF XIII.

I’m guessing Final Fantasy XV will be released on 2014, and will be PS4 only.

The next game I’m looking forward to is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. There is quite a long time till release, it’s some time in 2014, but the game play videos and trailers that have been released look amazing.

Having played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance earlier this year, I wasn’t really satisfied as it’s not the traditional Metal Gear type of game. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, it’s just that the story was rather weak and rather cheesy.

Metal Gear Solid V will take place after the events of Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker. Since I don’t have a PSP, I am playing Peace Walker using the Metal Gear Solid HD – Collection, which I highly recommend if you are a Metal Gear fan.

Metal Gear Solid V will be released on the PS3 and PS4, I’d really prefer to buy it on the PS4 but I don’t really want to buy the PS4 so early while the price of the console will be high.

Those are the main three games I’m looking forward to, there are some others but I’m less excited for them.

At the moment, I’m currently, very slowly, playing The Last Of Us, which is REALLY awesome so far, but for some reason I get really bad motion sickness while playing it, so I can only really play for around 30 minutes before I have to lie down for a bit, so that’s making it a little difficult to finish the game!