Dead Cisco Catalyst 3560

I’ve been trying to acquire a Cisco Catalyst 3560 as it provides features which are not supported by my Catalyst 3550s, such as Private VLANs. I believe the QoS features differ on 3560 as well.

So, as I was browsing eBay (one of my favourite pastimes! :P), I found an auction for a WS-C3560-8PC-S which had been labelled “untested”. From past experiences, I have found that listings that state that they haven’t been tested are usually faulty devices, but I thought I would take the risk anyway. I was hoping it would be some small issue which I could either work around or repair, such as a bad port, or screwed up IOS image which I could just reload myself (hey! I’ve seen devices sell on eBay for pretty cheap due to non-techy people assuming it was broken because the IOS image was missing!). But I guess my luck was bad, and two days after the end of the auction, I received a large green paperweight. 🙁

After plugging the power in, the LEDs on the front of the Catalyst 3560 go on, but they just stay on in a solid state, where as they should be blinking during the boot process. I plugged the console cable in, only to find that there is no output whatsoever, not even from ROMMON, which is the first step before even loading IOS.

I have pretty little knowledge of electronics, but I did test basic things that I knew how, such as checking if the PSU was giving out the correct voltages, which it was, but that’s pretty much all I know how to check!

From my limited knowledge of electronics, I assume that something must be wrong with the Boot ROM chip since not even ROMMON is able to start. None of the parts on a Catalyst 3560 are field replicable, so I don’t think I can test any parts by switching them around either.

I am quite disappointed that this Catalyst 3560 is dead, but I tried my luck, and it turned out bad, no biggie. 🙂

Hopefully I will be able to find a Catalyst 3650 soon!

If anyone has any ideas I can try in order to fix this device, I would be quite eager to make an attempt! 🙂