Home Lab: Added a Cisco 3845 ISR

Why? Well, I wanted more ISRs in my home lab.

That, plus my ISP (Virgin Media), will be upgrading my line from 120 Mb/s to 152 Mb/s in the second half of 2014. Looking at the Cisco docs, the 2851 ISR I am using can only do up to around 112 Mb/s/s.

Although there is quite a bit of time before Virgin Media actually go forward with this upgrade, I saw the 3845 going reasonably cheap on eBay, cheaper than what I expect it will be next year when my connection gets upgraded. So, I decided to just buy it now. 🙂

I am starting to have a problem with space for my home lab. My rack is already pretty much fully populated, so I now have equipment on top of, and surrounding my rack. I don’t have space for a second rack at the moment, so it looks like I can’t expand my lab any more for a while. Oh well. 🙁

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