Moving Back to London and Virgin Media

Two weeks ago, I moved back to London.

At my place in Cambridge, I had a 100mbit connection from Virgin Media, which I wanted to cancel as my parents already have a connection from Virgin Media so there wasn’t any need for me to move mine along with me!

So I called up VM, and they informed me that as I was still in contract, I would have to pay some ridiculous amount to cancel the contract (I think it may have been £280).

Alternatively, the other option was one which I was not aware of!

Usually, Virgin Media do not allow people to have two connections from them under a single address, BUT, in cases such as mine, they allow it!

So, instead of paying £280 or whatever it was, I decided it’d work out much cheaper if I just move my connection with me. It’d be nice to have anyway! 🙂

Today, the Virgin Media guys arrived at my house. Their first reaction was shock at seeing my server rack, but they were pretty nice guys. I did have to explain what I use all this equipment for, and had to explain how terrible the SuperHub actually is! 🙂

They didn’t really have to do much, they just really had to add a splitter and give me two new coax cables going from the splitter to the two modems. They did mention their frustration at VirginMedia about having to do installations for the more technical people when those technical people could really just do it themselves, and I totally agree! 😀

For some reason, they had to switch out my old SuperHub, and gave me a new one which has a matt-finish instead of the glossy look my old one had. I’m not sure if there is any other difference other than that, not that I care, I enabled modem mode ASAP so I don’t have to deal with this terrible device too much. 🙂

I was a little worried that I might not get the full bandwidth on both connections, but it looks like I am!

Next steps are to figure out how to do load-balancing on my Cisco 2821 ISR.

Virgin Media Cable Wall Outlet Two way splitter VirginMedia SuperHub and other goodies

4 thoughts on “Moving Back to London and Virgin Media”

  1. Haha, I had a similar comment about mine when the guys came to install VM at my house – where I have the modem there’s a mess of wires, a router (which is basically a mini ITX PC), two switches, a Fon box, and various other things, plus an ethernet cable going out the window and upstairs to my bedroom…the guy said “this is much more interesting than the usual “WiFi only” setup we do!”. Spent about half an hour explaining what everything was to them.

    Then we had another engineer in a week later to put an attenuator on the line, and despite my pleas on the phone to them, they insisted on sending out a guy to screw in a little metal thing between the Superhub and the cable.

    1. Haha! Ouch! Just for an attenuator!
      I didn’t bother asking to do it myself. I wasn’t sure if they’d need to do more than just add a splitter, so I figured I’d just let them do their thing.

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